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Tuesday 17 May 16

The Takeaway

3 Training Pitfalls to Avoid at All Cost

How do you want your staff to view training? Presumably you would like them to appreciate and look forward to it. OK, some training can be a little tedious, especially if the topic is quite mundane, but on the whole opportunities to develop should be seen as a positive.

Avoid the following 3 pitfalls at all costs to ensure training is viewed positively and your workforce are engaged:

Assuming they understand

You may know what the benefits of the upcoming training will be to delegates as well as the organisation, however a failure to communicate these clearly to delegates will lead to confusion and disengagement. People need to know why they have been selected to be trained or you run the risk of them believing it to be a criticism of their performance or a waste of their time. Where possible refer to the wider organisational strategy and show how it will help the organisation get there.

Supervising delegates

Sending senior managers or human resources representatives on training with the sole purpose of monitoring the actual delegates is always transparent and highly damaging to the learning environment. Avoid it at all costs. If you require information on the performance of delegates, this can be organised through the trainer as long as it is dealt with tactfully and good trainers can ensure that the day does not become an exercise in negativity for you through park lists and good facilitation.

Transient Training

Whilst you do not want a trainer or training company becoming a part of the furniture, you should also be wary of those organisations that do not mention how they intend to ensure that the learning sticks. Merely sitting in a room for a day, will not usually bring about positive behavioural change. Ask the provider how they intend to help you get the full benefits from the training, if you come up against silence at this point, look elsewhere.

Learning organisations are usually happy organisations where people feel valued. A lot of effort goes into creating this culture so avoid anything that takes away from that at all costs.


Learning whilst Furloughed

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