Leadership Skills

Management Coaching for High Performance

This 2 day workshop will give leaders and senior managers the skills and tools to effectively coach their team to higher achievements and to overcome counterproductive behaviours. This course aims to develop and empower the wider team via the empowerment of their own teams.

Course Content

  • Build rapport
  • trust and psychological safety with your manager
  • Setting effective goals in coaching
  • Manage the coaching process
  • Listen and ask powerful questions that get through to your managers and expose ineffective behaviours
  • Select and use appropriate tools and techniques for working with managers on issues
  • Work with managers to explore their values and what drives them
  • Handling emotion in the coaching room and deal effectively with a manager's' reactions
  • Work with clients to move them to action^ accountability and achievement

Benefits to the Individual

  • Confident coaching ability
  • Close relationships within the team
  • Progressive management style

Benefits to the Company

  • Confident coaching ability
  • Close relationships within the team
  • Progressive management style

Course Duration


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