Coaching is when an individual works alongside an executive coach on their strengths, weaknesses, goals and achieving their potential.

It is one of the fastest and most effective methods to develop leaders and executives and provides huge benefits for the individual, the business and the people that they lead.

What do people receive coaching for?

This is a frequently asked question by those unfamiliar with 1:1 coaching, it is also hard to give a definitive answer as the list of potential topics is quite broad, however here are some of the most popular areas to act as an illustration:


1:1 Mangement Coaching

Improve your managers' overall performance and help them reach their full potential

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What are the Benefits of 1:1 Coaching?

Another frequently asked question, the short answer is that, if deployed correctly, the benefits are enormous, again, here are some of the most common:

  • Drastically increase the rate of development for management and leadership skills

  • The individual will focus on the important areas of their work as opposed to distractions

  • Well-considered and effective decision making

  • Improved self-awareness and ability to form and improve relationships

  • Individuals will become goal-oriented and committed to achieving them

In terms of the benefit that coaching provides to the entire organisation in addition to those already stated are aspects such as an overall improvement in management and leadership, commitment to the organisational vision and strategy and retention of those key members of staff receiving the coaching.


1:1 Mangement Coaching

Improve your managers' overall performance and help them reach their full potential

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So How Does Coaching Work?

  1. Nine Dots Development have a global network of Executive and Leadership Coaches with a variety of different styles and professional backgrounds and it is all about matching the right coaches to the right coachees. This is the process that we follow to ensure the best results:

  2. We work with you as an organisation to understand why coaching is being put in place and what we are trying to achieve. We also explore how communication will take place and with whom with regards to the progress of the coaching sessions.

  3. Once this has been established, we will look at who the best possible coaches would be for the individual/s that have been identified for the coaching, upon your approval of these coaches through analysis of their profiles, we would look to set-up a Chemistry Call between the prospective coach and the coachee.

  4. A chemistry call is a conversation to establish the purpose, process and boundaries of the coaching to take place, during the course of this call both individuals will also be able to begin establishing rapport and forming an idea of if they will work well together.

  5. Once a suitable coach has been identified it is time to book the first coaching session. Usually an initial 6 coaching sessions (each lasting between 60 and 90 minutes) will be commissioned with the option to extend the programme if required.

  6. Progress will be reviewed within the pre-agreed guidelines and respecting the boundaries of confidentiality that have also been agreed. Once complete, discussions will take place with key stakeholders such as direct reports, colleagues and line managers as well as the coachee themselves to establish the impact that the coaching has had on the business.

Whilst this information is hopefully helpful to you, executive and management coaching should always be discussed between the provider and organisation receiving the coaching prior to making to set-up. If 1:1 coaching is something that you would like to explore, please contact us on 01332 527905.

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1:1 Mangement Coaching

Improve your managers' overall performance and help them reach their full potential

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