To Accredit or Not to Accredit the Programme

So in the last post, we looked at some of the benefits of accrediting your existing leadership programme or creating one.

However there are two sides to every story so here are the reasons for opting for adopting an unaccredited approach.

1. Specification

Accrediting a programme does limit the amount of input you can have into the content and style, there are after all learning outcomes to be achieved in a qualification and assessments to pass, so in unaccredited programmes you are able to tailor the content much more freely to be appropriate for your business and the outcomes that you want.

2. Cost

There is no getting around it, along with accreditation comes: registration, certification, course material, marking and verification, which all have costs associated with them. Fine for some, unpalatable for others.

3. Assessments

Some delegates just do not want to do assessments, they do not like them and it can disengage people from the learning that would have otherwise been well-received.

4. Commitment

Time is required to complete assessments, whether in work or outside of work, this costs either the company or the delegate and can cause issues either way.