5 Ways to Show Business Benefits from Training

How many times have you organised training and been asked what the results were? Or how has the company benefitted?

It is sometimes a difficult question to answer, after all, how can we quantify someone becoming a better communicator or manager?

Whilst difficult, there are some great ways to show progress and outcomes from training, here are our top 5:

1. Agree on a new model or process

When you have a team of managers in the same place at the same time, learning about the same topic, it is the perfect time for them to discuss and come to a consensus on what will work in their own organisation.

2. Solve a real-life problem

What better way to evidence a tangible benefit than to be able to refer to a problem in the past-tense following a training session? Not only does this benefit the organisation, but it shows that the delegates now have the skills or knowledge to solve similar problems moving forward.

3. Complete Challenges

Setting challenges for delegates that are then monitored after the event to measure success and learning, brings training into the real world and ensures that it sticks.

4. Create Champions

In many instances, delegates can take their learning back to the workplace and act as a living, breathing resource on certain topics, meaning people have somewhere to go to seek help on any issues they are facing in that area.

5. Longer-Term Measurements

Some organisations like to look internally at other measurements that should be positively affected such as staff morale scores, HR issues and appraisal measurements against key competencies.